Solar Club

Have solar at home? Join the club and save!

Thank you for being one of those that installed solar at home. If you are a small solar micro-generator, Tassa can help you earn a premium on your solar electricity. To qualify you must be a micro-generator in Alberta and make a donation to your local foodbank. To join the club, select one of the exclusive Solar Club electricity rates below and sign up.

Solar Club Benefits

Special Rates

Choose from exclusive electricity rates to make money in the summer and save money in the winter.

Flexible Rate Plans

Switch between a High Export Rate (summer) and Low Export Rate (winter) with just 10 days notice.

Achieve 50% Renewable RIGHT NOW!

We will offset 50% of the electricity you import from the grid, FREE!

Earn Cash Back

Get 2% cash back annually on all energy imported from the grid.

Exclusive Solar Club Electricity Rates

Electricity rates designed for small solar micro-generators who are on a bi-directional cumulative meter.

Solar Club members can switch between these two rates at any time with just 10 days notice, penalty free to accommodate seasonal generation fluctuations.

High Export Rate

30.00 ¢/kWh

The amount you get paid for exporting more electricity to the grid than you are importing, like during the summer.

*Please look for Membership Group 018 when signing up.

Low Export Rate

11.45 ¢/kWh

The amount you pay for electricity when importing from the grid, like during the winter.

*Please look for Membership Group 018 when signing up.