About Us

It's a different world. Yesterday's solutions simply aren't good enough.

Born and raised in Alberta, and with more than 20 years experience in the industry, our founder Lyle Thorsen knows about energy. He also knows about feeling good thanks to the fact he co-founded a local, Cochrane based, craft brewery: Rocky View Brewing Company. He has combined the two in Tassa – Feel Good Energy and Internet.

A family run, Indigenous majority owned company, that works hard to save you money, rather than maximize profits for shareholders.  A forward thinking company that just does things right.  A company that powers good in our community.  A company that helps you feel good about your energy.

Take charge, save some money, make your world a better place.

It’s time to change how the business of utilities is done in Alberta. We all dread paying the monthly bills for electricity, natural gas and internet but they are essential in our modern lives.  Being essential doesn’t mean you should pay more than you need to! Tassa saves you money by operating leaner than the big utility companies. We can also help you save money with leading edge technology solutions so you can take control of how your energy is produced and consumed. Plus, we donate 10% of our profits back into your local community. 

Join us. Let’s power the future with Feel Good Energy and Internet.

Why are we called Tassa?

We thought about naming it The Not Humungous Energy and Internet company, but that felt a bit long. Or Just Right Energy and Internet, but Goldilocks might have been miffed. Boo-yah Energy and Internet was in the running, but that felt a little silly when we answered the phone. We settled on Tassa because it sounded good, and it spelled out The Albertan Supportive and Sustainable Alternative.

“How can you expect me to give up the warm and cuddly relationship I’ve built up with my current giant energy/internet empire?”

Not everybody will. Some people are completely happy where they are. But if you are not happy;
  • or you’d like more control,
  • or if you want smarter energy solutions,
  • or you care about green energy,
  • or if you want to be responsible for 10% of our profits going back into your community to help your neighbours in these difficult times,
then move to Tassa. It’s easy. And you’ll feel good.  

We thought it would be fun to write these as if the president of one of the big energy companies was asking the questions.

Putting Albertans in the driver’s seat and giving them choices that provide the energy and services they need while supporting the local community.

Well, frankly thanks to you. Energy is evolving, and you aren’t. The world needs fresh thinking and fresh energy.

Not really. It’s the same. In Alberta, energy has been deregulated. For example, electricity is supplied by a variety of generators that are powered by coal, solar, natural gas, wind, hydro, and biomass, and the supply is supplemented by imported power from British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the United States.


Consumers have the option of selecting from the retailer of their choice, like you or Tassa, who then access the energy from the power pool.

Yes. It’s actually an excellent system. When the government deregulated energy it opened the system up to competition. Like us.

Sorry. But people in Alberta really like options. We are kind of an independent bunch.

Yes and no. We have plans, but they aren’t like yours. Ours are flexible, and often less expensive. And we also have the latest energy technology like solar, micro-cogeneration and battery storage. So people can get the power they want the way they want it. Or as we like to say it, the empower they want. Get it? Empower.

Sorry. I can see why you might be a little sensitive right now.

Right. You’re a giant dinosaur. That is an excellent way to look at things.