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Why shouldn't the internet feel good too?

Whether it’s energy or internet, it feels good to be in charge, save money, support a local business and be responsible for directing 10% of our profit to worthwhile organizations in your community. And we could not resist the opportunity to bundle.

How is it possible for Tassa to also save us money on our internet bills?

There are similarities between how energy markets and the internet market work in Alberta. Deregulation in Alberta allowed for competitive retailers to sell electricity and natural gas using the existing infrastructure that was built by the wires service providers and distribution companies. Similarly, the internet market is set up so competitive Internet Service Providers can sell internet services over existing infrastructure put in place by the large incumbent companies.

It is not economical for other Internet Service Providers to build a new network on top of the existing telephone (Telus) and cable (Shaw) networks. To foster competition at the wholesale level, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) requires that large companies sell access to their networks.

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It’s only fair we compare the good stuff from Tassa vs what you get from the others.

Internet Plans

Internet Plan
50 MBps

$ 49.95

$ 84.95

Internet Plan

$ 59.95

$ 95.00

Internet Plan
300 MBps

$ 79.95

$ 100.00

Percentage of profit dedicated to support local causes in your neighbourhood


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Bundle is a magic word when it comes to saving money. You can go from saving tens to saving hundreds. 

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