Referral Program

Let's not keep it a secret!

Lets not keep it a secret! Become a Marketing Associate for Tassa and help spread the word!

Simply encourage your friends, neighbours, family, customers or club members to switch to Tassa Energy. Your referrals will earn you a guaranteed income stream for as long as they remain Tassa customers and Tassa will continue to donate 10% of our profits to the charity they choose during signup.

You don’t need to convince someone to buy something they don’t need. They could save some money on their monthly utility bills and make their community better, all with no risk to them, as they can cancel at anytime with 10 days notice.

Here's How It Works

Raise Funds

Are you a charity, non-profit or community group that's trying to raise money? Encourage your members or supporters to switch energy providers. We'll give you information you can share with them. You'll generate a steady stream of referral income for your group and your members will save on their monthly utility bills.

Supplement Your Business Revenues

If you are out meeting customers, why not spread the word about the savings they can enjoy or extra revenue they can earn (through the solar club), by switching utility providers? We’ll give you marketing information you can share, as well as a personalized online landing page where your customers can calculate the benefits they could enjoy. If they switch, you’ll receive a referral payment for as long as they remain customers of Tassa.

Earn Extra Money for Yourself

You already save with Tassa, so why not help others benefit from lower monthly bills too? You can help them save money on something they are paying for anyway and receive a guaranteed stream of extra money for as long as they remain a customer.

Looking to become a Marketing Associate for Tassa?  Please contact for more information!