Green Energy

Tassa makes it easy to be green.

And it feels good to get part (or all) of your energy from renewable sources. You shrink your carbon footprint, help grow Alberta renewable energy projects and make the world a better place. Simply choose what percentage of your monthly energy you want to be green using the handy calculator below.

This calculator lets you determine how much it costs to go green.


Simply enter your typical monthly electricity usage and the percentage you want to be green.

1. Enter how much electricity you consume in a typical month.

2. Enter the percentage of electricity you would like to green.

No Administration Fees

That was easy. And there are no administration fees thanks to Tassa’s partnership with Green Alberta Energy.

How it works

Do we plug you directly into a solar or wind farm? Almost. Tassa partners with Green Alberta Energy to buy Renewable Energy Certificates. The certificates guarantee that the appropriate amount of clean, renewable energy is placed onto the electric grid on your behalf, covering your power and raising the percentage of renewable energy used overall.

Already a customer? It’s easy to add green to your account by logging in to your My Account.

Green is affordable

Just an additional 1.66 cents/kWh for all the green energy you need.

Signing up is easy

You tell us the percentage of your monthly electricity usage you want to be green, and we’ll make it happen.

No contract (of course)

Change or cancel your green energy percentage with 10 days notice.