Discounted Rates

In Alberta, there is something called a Prudential Security Payment.

Here's how it works...

As an Energy Marketer in a deregulated market, Tassa must maintain bonded prudential accounts with the Alberta Electric Systems Operator (AESO), as well as the Distribution companies. Both of these prudentials are to ensure that if the customer defaults on their payment, the distributors or the generators are reimbursed.

 Tassa is required to deposit the equivalent of twice the average monthly energy bill for each customer.  This works out to approximately $200 – $300 for an average sized home, and can be higher or lower based on consumption.

However, if you make your own prudential security payment, we can offer you these discounted rates.

Tassa will also pay you 3% interest per annum on the Prudential Security Payment, and you'll get 100% of your money back if you cancel or leave Tassa.

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