Energy Plans

Power your life with Feel Good Energy

Here’s why you’re going to feel good. First, you are in charge, and it always feels good to call the shots. Next, you’re going to save money, and that always feels good. You can also reduce your environmental footprint, and that will make you feel good every time you use the energy. You’re supporting a local business, and that feels good. And we are going to donate 10% of our profit to community organizations, which is also going to feel good. And you’re in charge. We mentioned that twice because of how good it feels to be in charge.

Can businesses feel good too?

Of course. Tassa serves homes, businesses, farms and ranches. 

Guaranteed Price

If you wish to minimize volatility in your energy charges from month to month, the Guaranteed Electricity Price is ideal for you.

Variable Market Price

If you are comfortable with occasional spikes based on fluctuating rates in exchange for lower prices over time, the Variable Market Price option is for you.

The Guaranteed Price is an all-in rate for every GJ of natural gas you use. Your total price of $3.69 per GJ remains constant, even when the wholesale market price fluctuates. 

The wholesale market price for natural gas is affected by market conditions in Alberta and throughout North America.  Some of the main factors affecting the price are weather, storage levels and overall supply and demand which changes due to drilling activity and economic conditions.

The only reason your natural gas charge will vary is because your consumption varies from month to month.

The price on your bill is calculated as the wholesale market price for natural gas plus a small transaction fee. At Tassa, our transaction fee is an attractive 0.79 cents per GJ

Tassa guarantees our price for 1 year.  Choose the Guaranteed Price to lock in your price, but feel free to switch to our Variable Market Price plan at any time.

For an average Alberta home, which uses 10GJ of natural gas each month, the total transaction fee for accessing the wholesale market price would be $7.90. 

Notice we didn’t use the word contract, because it isn’t. You can switch or cancel anytime.

Let's Compare Variable Market Rates

It’s only fair we compare the good stuff from Tassa vs what you get from your average energy company.


Electricity Transaction Fee per kWh

0.89 ¢


1.0 ¢

1.5 ¢

1.0 ¢

Natural Gas Transaction Fee per GJ

$ 0.79

$ 0.99

$ 1.00

$ 2.00

$ 0.89

Administration Fees per Month

$ 6.50

$ 7.10

$ 7.00

$ 12.00

$ 6.99

Green electricity per kWh

1.66 ¢

1.66 ¢

2.0 ¢

2.0 ¢

2.5 ¢

Percentage of profit dedicated to support local causes in your neighbourhood


Feel Goodness


Don’t think this is a thing with some of these larger guys…

To take charge, save money and support your community, click that button!

Go ahead and feel good about energy

You get the energy you want the way you want it –
electricity, energy, green. 

Switching is easy too. We handle everything.

We contact your current retailer to tell them you’ve decided to take charge and feel good.
There are no physical changes needed to your house, apartment or condo. Your energy flows exactly as it does today.
Feel good every time you cook dinner, post a few likes on Facebook or have a hot shower.

How can we do this?

Historically, electricity and natural gas were supplied and delivered to you exclusively by the local utility company for your area. The electricity and natural gas industry in Alberta started moving towards deregulation in the mid-1990s, with full deregulation effective January 1, 2001. Until this time, you had no ability to choose a supplier or a pricing plan that fit your needs.

Deregulation un-bundled the supply and delivery portions, allowing competition. Today, you can buy electricity and natural gas at a competitive price from the Energy Retailer/Energy Marketer of your choice. our distribution company will continue to deliver your energy; maintain the distribution system; read your meter and respond to any emergencies.

The power of choice, made possible by electricity and natural gas deregulation, fosters competition and gives you more control than ever. So Tassa is supplying you with the same energy as other retailers, just for less.

And you’re in charge.

And you power good community causes with 10% of our profits.